American Chamber of Commerce in Austria – AmCham Austria

The American Chamber of Commerce in Austria (AmCham Austria) is an association representing businesses from both countries, the United States of America and Austria, and is thriving to promote mutual understanding and bilateral exchange between those two global economic players.

It serves a clearly defined purpose, not only by providing various services to its members and interested parties, but also by hosting various networking events, such as receptions, panel discussions and workshops, as well as publishing reports on a wide range of topics concerning American-Austrian business relations.


History of AmCham

Founded in 1960, AmCham has always defined its foremost goal as enabling and fostering business relations between the States and Austria. In achieving this, it is working towards establishing Austria as a prime location for American business within the European Union. Ensuring that Austria, as a country at the economic and geographic heart of the EU, is a top choice for American companies’ subsidiaries is at the very core of AmCham’s set of goals.

Conversely, it aims at providing unbiased and up-to-date opinion on US companies. This includes working against long-established prejudices and unjustified preoccupied views on American companies, typically depicting these as radically market-oriented and “corporate monsters”. Additionally, it also understands itself as means of communicating views of Austrian companies having business relations or interests with or in the United States of America. Thus, rather than acting as a one-way street, it becomes a channel free flowing thoughts and views on the US Australian economic relations. Further, it focuses on facilitating innovation and enabling exchange of new and revolutionary ideas between the United States and Austria. Both countries are known as birthplaces of innovations that have had significant impact on a global scale. Finally, AmCham strongly supports the promotion of global free trade, benefitting all participating parties and enabling growth on a broad spectrum.

Information about the goals of AmCham

AmCham follows these goals by providing a unified, strong voice to American businesses in Austria. Consulting with policy-makers, especially in cases of political decisions concerning the attractiveness Austria as a location for American businesses, informing about the interests of American companies in Austria and Europe and the respective benefits of these for the broader public, as well as providing a podium for exchange and cooperation between American and Austrian businesses are functions which the AmCham has been fulfilling reliably for more than 50 years.

AmCham Talk – Popular Event

Among the most popular events hosted by AmCham is the monthly “AmCham Talk”. Held at the Hilton Vienna Plaza, in proximity of the political decision making core of Austria’s capital. Selected speakers from various fields and industries give lectures a variety of topics, providing close-up looks into matters of current relevance to American and Austrian businesses. Cultural diversity in a globalized world, globalization and social mobility, multicultural leadership – topics as these are among those discussed at Amcham Talks. The audience participating in engaging discussions with the speaker and among each other is commonplace.

Not only do those talks provide valuable insights into a great variety of fields, also do they pose an excellent opportunity for networking as representatives from a number of high profile American and Austrian companies attend on a regular basis. Further, business lunches and breakfasts, New Year’s receptions, thanksgiving parties as well as gala dinners focus on the aspect of relations ship building and exchange of thoughts and views in rather informal setting, facilitating honest and collaborative talks among the participants. To round things off, practical workshops on topics such as wine tasting or cultural activities such as museum tours provide further opportunities for networking while broadening horizons.

Publications and information about current topics

Publications informing about current topics of interest to the American-Australian business relations pose another core activity of the AmCham. Not only does AmCham inform about current events and data releases in a timely manner via its online news section. Additionally, it provides a variety of publications for its members that enable them to obtain a broad range of information relevant to the American Austrian business relations in a compiled manner from a single source. Covering the latest news and developments in the American economy and business world, the monthly AmCham news letter is an essential source for information for any company having a stake in the US. The “business barometer” is published twice a year and provides a comprehensive picture of the businesses climate among US companies active in Austria. It compiles assessments of the status quo and forward looking expectations of those very companies, based on a representative opinion poll. Thereby, it provides a valuable source of pin-point information on the atmosphere among US companies in Austria, and is essential for anyone concerned with the American-Austrian business relations. Further, position papers provide the distilled opinions of US companies engaged in Austria, covering current topics and upcoming matters(hier link zum thema finance economics Austria). The “AmCham Austria Yearbook” provides an overview of its activities and developments of importance. Finally, AmCham’s press releases address the broader public, supplying transparent information about its activities and affairs, and additionally fostering the public awareness and reputation of American businesses in Austria.

Members of AmCham – Companies

AmCham’s members come from a variety of industries, among them a number of the most influential and forward-thinking American companies of the present. Starbucks, an international coffe shop chain based in Seattle, Washington, has seen a swift global rise throughout the past decades. It has not only established a new type of systemized coffee shop experienced, it has also generated cult-like popularity among people of various age groups and cultural backgrounds all around the globe. Especially in a country such as Austria, where traditional café culture is seen as a sophisticated piece of national heritage, Starbucks has had significant impact in the local market.

Uber, a raid hailing service, has challenged traditional taxi services around the world since its startup days (Hier mögl. Link zu Startup Finanzierung). Being the major player in an industry of similar ride haling services, it is considered a prime example of the sharing economy. Federal Express, the world’s foremost express parcel service, can also be found on the list of members. Operating the world’s arguably most sophisticated system of commercial parcel flights, for decades it has been providing highly reliable express services that enable the high-pace globalized economy of today.

Cisco is an American telecommunications firm, focused on providing much of the world’s networking hardware. Being considered one of the companies producing the “backbone” of the internet in its early days, it is now a global player supplying various technologies and services surrounding not only the traditional internet, but also the internet of things. In short, a broad range of American businesses is united in this unique association, reliably representing the interests of the American economy as a whole.

This rich set of members creates a unique platform enabling dialogue and collaboration between American and Austrian businesses. Exchange of ideas, networking and opinion forming stands at the very heart of AmCham’s activities and aids in achieving its goal of fostering the US-Austrian economics relations to the benefit of both countries.

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Recent AmCham Events:

Apr 26 AmCham Talks 8.15 am Hilton Vienna Plaza, Schottenring 11, 1010 Vienna –

“Will Globalization turn Global-is-Asian? Insights in the Belt-and-Road-Initiative – a Strategy for a chinese world order?”

Mar 15 AmCham Talks 8.15 am Hilton Vienna Plaza, Schottenring 11, 1010 Vienna

“Europe at a Crossroads – 30 years after the wall. What future for our Economies”

Feb 22 AmCham Talks 8.15 am Hilton Vienna Plaza, Schottenring 11, 1010 Vienna

“Kulturelle Vielfalt in einer digitalen Welt”

Upcoming AmCham Events 2019

May 29

Business Lunch mit Bundesminister Hartwig Löger

12.30 pm
Park Hyatt Vienna, Am Hof 2, 1010 Vienna

„Österreichs Maßnahmen im Zusammenhang mit der Besteuerung der digitalen Wirtschaft”

May 29

60. Generalversammlung

11.00 am
Park Hyatt Vienna, Am Hof 2, 1010 Wien
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